My Before and After Pictures after using vitamin D to cure my acne

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Before and after two months of taking 6000IU – 7000IU of Vitamin D3 daily. The before picture was taken right after I had gotten out of the shower. Even though I had just washed my face, you can see it was already starting to get oily in the corner of my mouth. The after picture was taken while I was doing computer work, my skin was perfectly dry, no grease!!!

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I cured my chronic cystic acne using Vitamin D then wrote a blog about it.

17 thoughts on “My Before and After Pictures after using vitamin D to cure my acne”

  1. Hello. I find your story very interesting and I feel so happy about you having your acne symptoms relieved! How are you doing now?
    I also find your theory about excessive sebum production correct. I was eating saw palmetto softgels for about a year and these relieved my cystic acne firstly on face, but later my back followed, so I’m sure this DHT and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor works, HOWEVER it didn’t stop excessive sebum production. And I still get some papules and comedones of course. That’s not okay, because if my sebaceous glands were relieved from high concentrations of DHT they should’ve stop producing sebum, right?…
    D3 is a hormone, and it’s receptors as well as it’s biological activity are regulated in a specific way – negative feedback. It’s all over in endocrinology, trust me 🙂 If there’s not enough vitamin D in the system, body tries to create more. And as we know, sebum is medium of vitamin D production, so excessively oily skin (and hair!) is basically a desperate call for calcitriol … If there is enough D3, it inhibits gland activity. Simple but oh so problematic when one element of the puzzle goes missing… I’m also med student. You can’t imagine the time we spend indoors learning stuff, sitting days in hospitals etcetera, so I’m sure I’m deficient lol… also I tried not to tan in spite my parents (teenage rebellion, I guess, because they were telling me to tan all the time, so exhausting!) I’m taking around 8000IU per day for now (I haven’t tanned or really been outside in the summer for FOUR years!?) and see if it helps my excessive sebum excretion, which irritates me incredibly.
    And good luck to you, remember to eat healthy, stay in the sun and supplement 😀 Nobody deserves acne and I hope more people will find and read your blog and start supplementing!
    Best wishes – Natalia


    1. Thanks Natalia for your encouraging words. Yes indeed my body was in need of calcitriol, in fact over the course of my life I have fractured my collar bone, both my ankles and 4 vertebrae. You would think this would clue doctors in that I was having Vitamin D deficiency! I am doing very well, my acne is still under control. I usually get one pimple when I ovulate, but that’s it! I hope Vitamin D is your cure too. Please keep me updated, I’d love to hear whether it works for you or not!


      1. Hey there, as for now I’m taking vit. D for about a week but instead of squeezing a softgel uder my tongue (i’m not sure if it was right because every time I was swallowing majority of vitamin that should be absorbed by mucous membranes under tongue), I take it orally, like regular person xD. Overall I feel great. My body temperature has risen significantly (I had cold hands and feet all the time, and my regular temperature were below 36,5 degrees Celsius) and I have a lot more energy. I just hope skin will follow. And even if it won’t, vitamin D supplementation is staying with me for the rest of my life especially in October-March time period. (I live in north Europe).
        Oh, and also I ordered Vitamin D 3000IU SPRAY for mucous membranes absorption, and I can’t wait to try it out!


      2. That’s very interesting because my hands and feet are way warmer too and my energy has improved a lot. Also, I am not as pale as I used to be. My skin looks like it has colour now.

        I used to not be able to get through a day without a nap. Ever. Now I only take one about once a week if I eat poorly.

        Cold hands and feet and low energy are symptoms of hypothyroid, which my family members have and I always suspected I had myself. I am starting to think there is a connection between hypothyroid (which can also cause acne) and Vitamin D. My cousin lives in Poland and she got hypothryoid after giving birth and the doctor told her she should take vitamin D. She too has skin problems.

        I take only the hard white pills for my Vitamin D. When I took soft gels I felt they weren’t working as well, so I returned them to the store and got the hard pills instead.


  2. hi, i wanted to ask if d3 helped with sebum production on nose? i have started supplementing and it has been a week, my oil has definitely reduced and i dont feel uncomfortable with my skin anymore, but my nose is still producing oil, in a lesser quantity though and still giving me whiteheads and blackheads. Do u still produce a lot of oil on your nose or struggle with clogged pores? will it reduce over time? i’m on 10000iu per day,


  3. Hi so does the d3 all day till late night keep your skin oil free ? And when you wake up is it also oil free in the morning just by taking one dose of d3 per day ?


  4. Hi! I went on D3 after reading your blog. My acne looked very similar to yours but I saw results within one week of taking D3 supplements. I take 7000 IU a day and I’ve been taking them for almost a year now. My acne has been pretty much under control, though i kept getting one or two cystics on my cheeks at a time. Recently, I cut down dairy from my diet and I seem to have cleared up completely. After one year of taking D3 I’ve noticed my hair is much thicker too which is a nice bonus 🙂 thank you so much for your blog!!!


  5. Hi!

    How are you now on vitamin D3 and have you had your levels checked recently? That type (capsule, soft gel, or liquid) and brand are you using to get these results? Also since I noticed that facial cleansers can have an effect on oil production as well, what do you use to wash your face?




    1. Hi Dave, yes I did get checked. My Vitamin D levels are too high but my calcium is normal so I am not in danger. I take the hard pills. I tried the gel caps and found them to be not as strong. I use African Black Soap to wash my face, it does a really good job of controlling oil although lately I’ve just been using water as I don’t even need the black soap anymore to control my oil.


  6. Hey!
    Thank you so much for the blog…It was a huge eye opener.
    You are right …Many doctors do not know about this…But I had a doubt regarding the dosage…I stay in India where sunlight vitamin d is plenty…So would you say…Around 2000-3000ui would be good enough for me?…And the brand of ur hard pills?


    1. Hey Angie, I would take a look at the guide lines that the Vitamin D council makes and decide for yourself what is best. I don’t really know the answer to your question. I take Jamieson vitamin D.


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